In a few days, the third part of Fifty Shades of Grey will be released in the cinemas and I already know that the next weeks of my work will be marked by BDSM. What I keep asking myself is how to unite the pursuit of equality and the life of freedom with the lived subservience of BDSM. Isnt that mutually exclusive? In the next weeks I will certainly get to know some different opinions, I am very curious! Since today is a rainy and cold Sunday, I use the time and tune in for the next weeks. I have done a lot of research and combined some new wisdom with my previous knowledge and experience. All this input, and yes it is really a lot, I have summarized for you.

What is BDSM?

BDSM is a game of power and submission. Power, desire and pain are in the foreground of BDSM. A sexual background is not absolutely necessary, but in most cases it is part of BDSM. Trust, empathy and respect are important factors which should be absolutely given in the BDSM game. I would like to advise you not to experience first BDSM experiences with someone completely unknown and without previous neutral meeting. The necessary trust and the necessary respect can only develop if one knows the partner and his fantasies, wishes and also taboos. When you have discussed together where the journey should go. Try out BDSM? BDSM for beginners. You should discuss your wishes/your fantasies with your partner together. He may be surprised by your wish, take it gently by the hand and dive into the world of BDSM together with him. To start, I can recommend a few beginners BDSM toys to you. In my opinion I have compiled and explained the most important BDSM Beginner Toys for you: Lets start with something quite harmless, the blindfold! Here a classical sleep mask is enough for the beginning. A scarf would also do it, however, I personally find the knot at the back of the head very unpleasant. With blindfolds many beautiful players can be made. The missing sense of sight sharpens your other still available senses and intensifies thus your entire desire feeling. You hand over control to your partner and can give yourself over completely. Of course, trust is very important for this. If you like the game with the blindfolded eyes, it is worth investing in an eye mask made of leather or artificial leather. Make sure it is padded. Since the sense of sight is now switched off we continue with my second BDSM Toy must have 😊 Shackles are a widely used sex toy. First experiences are collected here often completely without thoughts of BDSM with classical handcuffs. Bondage games are an important part of the BDSM game. Due to the different possibilities, bondage games are especially suitable for beginners. At the beginning I would recommend you padded handcuffs, because these are to be carried simply super comfortably at the wrist. I could write another blog post about the different types of shackles - maybe Ill do that as well. If the bondage games are exactly yours, you can slowly step up and include leg cuffs, hanging cuffs for the door frame or bed cuffs in your BDSM game. The bed cuffs fix your legs and hands to the bed. The associated loss of control increases the feeling of pleasure enormously. And once tied up you can continue with our beginner BDSM toys. Massage candles or SM candles are specially developed candles made from a mixture of oil and wax. They have a lower melting point than conventional candles and are therefore much more pleasant on the skin. Massage candles are available in different fragrances, which further enhances the sensual experience. Please read the instructions of the candle before you start. Each massage candle has a different pre-burning time, which you should absolutely observe. Spring toy or also called spring tickler is a wonderful toy, which can be used not only in the BDSM but also for a gentle foreplay. First and foremost, the aim is to increase the excitement of the petted person by gently stroking the spring. This exciting game with blindfolded eyes is particularly intense.

Subs can be also called slaves in VR

Some will now ask themselves what that is, others already know the term flogger. It is a toy with several straps. In most cases these are made of leather or imitation leather. Floggers suitable for beginners have much softer straps. For those who are a bit more aching, there are harder floggers. These are often used as whips. These were my recommendations for you to start with. If it may be a bit more, I can recommend the following BDSM toys to you: Originally the paddle was made of wood and used as a punishment instrument, especially in schools in the USA. Today the paddle only serves to increase the pain of pleasure. Most paddles found in the BDSM area are made of leather or imitation leather. Advanced BDSM lovers will enjoy paddles with air holes in the playing surface. These air holes reduce the air resistance, which makes the pleasure pain much more intense.

Everyone knows a classic whip, but most people associate it with riding

A whip consists of a style at the end of which a narrow strap or rope is attached which serves as a striking surface. The difference between a whip and a whip is not very big. The style of the whip is identical to that of the whip, but the strap on the whip is much shorter and does not necessarily have to be a single strap. Especially in the BDSM you can often see whips with striking faces made of double leather/artificial leather in various shapes. There are nipple clamps and clitoris clamps. Nipple clamps are especially suitable for beginners. With some nipple clamps the pressure can be regulated, especially for the beginning this is great! The wearing of the nipple clamps does not only look very sexy, it also stimulates the nipples and makes for an increased feeling of pleasure. I hope I could show you a little insight into the BDSM world, at least for interested people. You are welcome to comment your questions or anything else under the post I will be happy to answer you then.

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Virtual Reality SEX SLAVES

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